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August 24th, 2013


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August 24th, 2013


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August 24th, 2013


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August 24th, 2013


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August 24th, 2013


Masie has been skipping school and Miss Simpson is not very happy about it. After receiving a call from the heads mistress Miss Simpson calls Masie down from her room and recives a stern handspanking. Masie is bent over Miss Simpsons knee and has her knickers pulled down it starts with a few hand slaps before Miss Simpson uses the slipper on her bare bottom. Masie is in tears after her punishment and promises never to skip school again

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August 24th, 2013


Mr Stern has just about had enough of Masie and her flirty ways. Masie thinks she can wrap Mr Stern around her little finger with a bit of a flirt and tease and boy is she wrong. Masie hasn’t done her jobs properly and Mr Stern calls her into his room he orders her to pull down her panties and bend over the couch, He then takes out his paddle and starts to spank her bare bottom with it, Masie seems to be enjoying herself and with every smack on her ass she starts to rub her pussy. Looks like its going to take some seriously hard whacking to get this slut in check.

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August 24th, 2013


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August 24th, 2013


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August 24th, 2013

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August 24th, 2013


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